Digital learning fatigue: how to avoid it whilst closing the skills gap

  Latest research from Fosway suggests a real problem with digital learning fatigue. Their  2021 Digital Learning Realities Survey report highlights that it is more of an issue now than before the pandemic for over half of all organisations. 

Business software solutions - why take two bottles into the shower?

  Business software is like hair products - you're not entirely sure of the consequences of not having them.

Bridging the digital talent gap

Working from home during the Covid-19 pandemic has shown the critical role of digital in accelerating change in how we work. 

3 learning metrics business leaders need to drive performance

Learning has become more important to organisations than ever before. Without it, organisations diminish their ability to adapt to change. 

Humanising the digital workplace

The pandemic has changed work for ever, and with it, the digital workplace. 

From survival to the right L&D learning strategy

A mass migration from office working to home working took place this year and it all happened over a very short space of time.

Managing remote teams: challenges and best practice

Managing remote teams is now a required skill set for most managers.

How to pivot business strategy and support remote workers

Hemsley Fraser create, deliver and manage learning experiences that energise individuals, teams and the workplace. 

Make all your learning available on-demand

The future of learning is an on-demand model of easy access, says Lynsey Whitmarsh.

The impact of digital learning in 2019 – Report

New research shows there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to learning.

Into the Future of Learning in Six Steps

Embracing a digitally-led future of learning requires Learning and Development teams to look beyond today’s challenges and plan with a bigger picture in mind.

Learning technologies – Enabling Change

All organisations are on a journey to enable employees to do their jobs better and develop their skills and knowledge.