How can learning platforms enable organisational change?

Change is a funny thing. It happens all the time, but people often resist it, particularly if they feel change is being ‘done to them’. As a result, most workplace change initiatives fail – 70% is the number that is regularly bandied around, potentially originating from research by McKinsey & Company.

Top 5 people and culture challenges in the hybrid workplace

Hybrid is to 2021 as ‘pivot’ was to 2020. But anyone looking for best practices and answers about how to make it work for their organisation will have been disappointed. The truth is there’s no right or wrong, no rule book. We’re all finding our way through it and learning how to ‘office’ and how to ‘home.’

5App announces partnership with D&I content specialist, All of Us

Learning and communications platform vendor 5App today announced a partnership with diversity and inclusion experts, All of Us and the launch of the D&I Engagement Hub.

Bridging the soft skills gap – don’t forget your accidental managers

  Most organisations have them: those individuals who have been given managerial responsibilities with little training. These are the accidental managers, and they need your support.

Humanising the digital workplace

The pandemic has changed work for ever, and with it, the digital workplace. 

How L&D can drive the wellbeing agenda

Employee wellbeing has become a top priority for learning and development professionals as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown. 

How managers can improve virtual communications and learning

If ever there was a time for managers to think about how to communicate effectively with remote teams, it’s now, for very obvious reasons.

Into the Future of Learning in Six Steps

Embracing a digitally-led future of learning requires Learning and Development teams to look beyond today’s challenges and plan with a bigger picture in mind.

Learning technologies – Enabling Change

All organisations are on a journey to enable employees to do their jobs better and develop their skills and knowledge.