One technology has dominated the corporate learning technology market for the last 20 years. That technology is the learning management system (LMS). As a technology, the LMS has enabled organisations to host, manage and distribute content and courses as well as administrate training and evaluate activity. As such, learning management systems tended to be functionally rich and therefore require significant time and resources to implement and maintain them.

This approach suited the times. Employers needed one place to manage learning related content and activities. Remember, 20 years ago employees did not have smart phones and were less able to quickly access the resources they needed to do their job. Training then was more analogue, although elearning was growing in popularity. And most employees worked in an office and would access learning resources from there.

Roll on twenty years and so much has changed. The drivers for purchasing learning technology have shifted as the needs of the organisation and employees have changed.

The new drivers for learning technology

Right now, for example, the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown has seen organisations prioritise communications and resource sharing to support colleagues with well-being, working from home and so on. 

And the challenges don’t stop there. In the current business context, many L&D teams are required to do more with less. That means using technology which is cost-effective and efficient to maintain.  

Building new skills

Restructuring and reinventing business and operating models will require potentially large-scale reskilling to help shift from survival mode to one in which organisations can thrive. Again, your technology will be required to support employees as they build skills to match changing business requirements.

Supporting wellbeing

Communication is a key part of well-being. In the latest Deloitte Human Capital Trends research, the number one trend is wellbeing. And the second most popular way to promote wellbeing, behind having autonomy in work, is using technology to promote more connectivity and collaboration. This is a key requirement for a learning platform but one that was never considered in the development of the traditional learning management system. 

Creating a culture of belonging

To build belonging across teams and organisations that works remotely is a huge challenge. But by listening and responding with useful resources in a timely way, L&D teams can help build a culture that is responsive to the needs of colleagues. Being listened to is a key part of building trust.

The 5App Hub solution

These new drivers for L&D require technology that is easy to use and that enable organisations to quickly curate resources and distribute them. That’s a very different use case to those typically catered to by a learning management system.

Speed, agility and responsiveness are not the watchwords of the learning management system. But they are the watchwords of organisations, L&D teams and employees. 

The 5App Hub was developed just five years ago, launched into this new era of multi-channel, multi-format learning. It was built to bridge learning and communications – to enable employee engagement and interaction. It was built to help organisations quickly pull together resources and deliver them to the right people at the right time. It was built to make content accessible.

Our approach is working for 50+ companies around the world. By using the Hub they have been able to blur the lines between comms, learning and engagement, break down organisational silos and foster true connection across distributed workforces. Read how Hemsley Fraser did just that using the 5App Hub

 Our customers are looking to their learning technology to help them in a number of ways. These include:

  • Lower cost, more impact 
  • Rapid implementation 
  • Interoperabilty with other systems, including the incumbent LMS
  • Easily find content on the platform – and integrate with an LMS
  • Easily theme and curate resources and distribute in targeted ways
  • Engagement and interaction with resources through nudges and shout-outs
  • Speedy response – create playlists of resources in the time it takes to make a cup of tea

These are the features that learning teams are looking for today. If you are looking to enhance your learning management system or invest in a new learning technology platform built for today’s learning environment, the 5App Hub could provide the solution you’re looking for.

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