Embracing a digitally-led future of learning requires Learning and Development teams to look beyond today’s challenges and plan with a bigger picture in mind.

If you are investing in digital learning, that’s great. What is not so good, however, is how these investments are typically taking place.  Some organisations are working through a ‘shopping checklist’, and not considering the bigger picture – what is required, how it’ll be rolled out or even why it’s critical for the success of company strategy.

Often, the attention of the organisation when they approach these projects, is on short term horizons. This can’t go on. It is critical that organisations understand the potential of digital and the impact on employees as learners and individuals – before they start something new within L&D.

Issues arise when companies go ahead with new systems without going through due diligence and understanding the wider impact on the organisation. This happens when organisations are stuck in the present, not focussing on strategic objectives.

We need a new system: check.
We need to get some content: check, done.
We have employees using the LMS who can upload stuff: check, got that…and so on.

But what about the really critical stuff that will determine if the project is a success or a failure? The experience of the learner; how learning drives engagement; and the real impact of great learning delivers for both learners and the business, now and for future sucess.

The Future of Learning in 6 Steps

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