The pandemic has changed work for ever, and with it, the digital workplace. 

The abrupt move to remote work has cast the sharp edges and rough integrations of the systems we use for work into sharp relief. It is now time to fix these issues by humanising the experience offered by the digital workplace.

Business agility is perhaps the most obvious requirement highlighted by COVID-19, and building it starts by restructuring work around human needs, not corporate structures and siloed IT systems. Organisations must improve their digital working maturity, improve their employee and customer experiences and create a culture of continuous learning.

Organisations that fail to do this will stagnate, unable to respond quickly to changing circumstances. Funding all this may be a challenge, but using the approaches we offer can identify savings and benefits that will significantly compensate for any new spend. 

In this new report, business leaders can discover how to boost engagement, productivity and ROI through the creation of a human-centric digital workplace. The importance of this crosses functional boundaries, applying to all executives.

Read the full report here to find out the four key steps to humanising your digital workplace and how tools like the 5App Hub can help.