The concept of Excite, Engage, Embed is central to our partner Hemsley Fraser’s approach to effective learning and integral to how we tackle learning technology challenges from our clients. The key question is ‘where does effective learning end and where does it start?’

Conditions for Learning Success

The traditional response has been to concentrate on the middle part of this definition (Engage) — the component that we know as a learning experience or training.  It is where attention has been focused within the L&D industry.  Of course, that part itself is dynamic and changing at a pace that has never been seen before, however there are dangers in focusing efforts on only the core learning experience, however high-quality and innovative it may be.

All three – Excite, Engage, Embed – should work collectively, with decisions concerning the balance and interplay between them.  It raises questions regarding the role and expertise of today’s learning professional as we explore what these three phases mean.

Key elements for learning success:

  • A condition of success is to involve stakeholders and learners as an essential part of creating excitement about what is to come.
  • Designing and providing learning which generates real value for individuals and their organisations must be the goal for all learning professionals.  
  • Delivering a great learning experience is no longer enough!  We need to take a more holistic and integrated approach.

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Excite, Engage, Embed – Conditions for Success

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