The success of any organisation is determined primarily by its people. Ensuring that everyone has the skills, insights and knowledge they need to be effective is critical for every organisation. But people are different. Employees have varying learning needs, skills requirements and preferences. Using digital learning is cost effective to meet all these challenges head on.

An ever-expanding choice of digital learning formats are now available, from digital courses, virtual training, apps, infographics, videos, and much more. They can all be used as a resource or can be used together in many different combinations to support learning and development within the organisation.

So what are the benefits digital learning provides and some of the challenges to deliver these benefits? Fundamentally, if you want to become ‘fit for the future’, you need a different mindset aligned to the possibilities of digital in learning.

“What skills do people need to learn? What are the circumstances under which they will willingly wish to acquire those skills? And how can technology assist in that process?”

The digital advantage

Digital learning assets have the potential to:

  1. Make learning more accessible. 
  2. Enhance the effectiveness of learning by appealing to different learning styles. 
  3. Excite learners.
  4. Offer greater choice. 
  5. Show the impact. 

Making it work

Just because digital learning options are available doesn’t mean that they’ll automatically benefit your organisation. Certain challenges will need to be overcome, such as:

  • Ensuring it is available when, where and how employees prefer. 
  • Choosing and curating the right content. 

One thing’s for sure: your digital learning must be easy and accessible in use. Employees expect content to be of a standard they encounter in their everyday lives – on web sites, Netflix, and ‘consumer’ technology like phones and tablets. So how will they engage with the content and what experience will it deliver.

  • Neophobia. This is the fear of anything new. This is always prevalent and ‘platform fatigue’ is more an more common in the age of Facebook, Instagram, tik tok and more.
  • The infrastructure impact.  A range of choices are available and, reassuringly, some will have little or no impact on your IT infrastructure, but some will have significant impact.

Is your mindset ‘Fit for the Future’?

If you’re a multinational corporation or a small business, it applies that employees will be more effective in their jobs if you can provide critical and value-added learning, in the format and at the point of need they can easily access. On this basis alone, consider the possibilities of digital learning. It is critical to impact total workforce productivity and the potential of your people.

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