5App and Hemsley Fraser: working in partnership to transform how businesses develop, communicate and engage with employees in a hybrid world

5App is a software company with an agile, accessible and easy to use communications and learning platform that helps organisations achieve transformative change. Hemsley Fraser is a learning and development company that has consistently ranked as one of the Top 20 leadership training companies in the world for the last 13 years (as well as also receiving Top 20 recognition for it’s Online Library and Learning Services).  For the past eight years, 5App and Hemsley Fraser have worked in partnership, to help organisations deploy truly blended learning journeys that deliver change. When face-to-face training collapsed in 2020 in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, the solution that 5App and Hemsley Fraser had enabled organisations to pivot very quickly to provide digital-first learning.

That’s when the real acceleration to digital-first  happened but the journey started in 2014, when Hemsley Fraser worked with 5App on deploying the Hub to help it make the transformative shift from purely face-to-face training  to a more dynamic and modern blended approach.

At that time, Hemsley Fraser re-visioned it’s own internal business model, including how to communicate and collaborate more effectively with its workforce… in order to create a true learning culture. It has resulted in learning interventions and experiences that meet business and employee needs, leading to significant business outcomes such as higher levels of productivity, performance and engagement. Through using the Digital Hub, Hemsley Fraser now has a much more connected and engaged workforce itself.

5App and Hemsley Fraser have also worked with numerous other organisations, across industry sectors and across the globe, to help them transform their learning and communications approach and delivery.

The ongoing partnership between 5App and Hemsley Fraser has been hugely successful partnership, to the extent that Hemsley Fraser was recently named as a potential leader for digital learning by HR analysts Fosway Group on its 2022 9-Grid. That’s quite something for a company that only a few years ago, majored on face-to-face learning.

Here, Stuart Mason, CEO at 5App and Daniel Morgan, chief marketing officer at Hemsley Fraser, talk about what makes the partnership so successful.

Stuart Mason: "A lot of people try to transpose what was learning in the physical world by just digitising it, rather than rethinking how services should be delivered. What they need to do is look at learning with a fresh eye and really think about the best way to deliver learning to their workforce, particularly now that we are all operating in a hybrid world. That’s what Hemsley Fraser have done – when we started working with Hemsley Fraser in 2014, it was a face-to-face training provider. Now it’s a digital-first organisation that creates really dynamic, agile learning experiences for customers across the world. And we help them with that through our technology and our approach to learning and communications.

It’s so important that organisations get the right learning to people, at the right time. But it doesn’t stop there. Organisations need to go even further than that – they have to make it easy for people to find what they are after, at the point of need. Organisations have to really start using technology as an enabler to support rapid learning, so that everyone can get the information they need, when they need it. It’s not just about learning in its most basic form – learning technical skills to perform a particular task, for example. Organisations need to think about learning in its broadest sense – learning that supports transformative change, for example, and learning that is constantly linked to business outcomes and value. How can your platform facilitate rapid collaboration? How can learning help you achieve the business outcomes you need to achieve? How can you help people communicate, work together and learn together in a hybrid world? Advances in AI and in natural language processing mean that SaaS platforms like ours can service employees in a really modern, accessible way. Just as people might ask Google or Alexa a question in the home, for example, so they will be able to ask the 5App Hub.

This kind of approach is going to get more and more important in the next few years."

Daniel Morgan: "It’s about the whole proposition - the power that bringing content, technology and services to enable the change that organisations need. There are organisations that can provide content or a platform for content to sit on. And there are organisations that provide service. There are fewer organisations that can do all of that and have the pedigree and experience of delivering the business outcomes. We offer all of that. This partnership enables us to deliver a complete and holistic service that helps organisations achieve their goals around change, impact, culture and so on. It’s not just about deploying self-service content. We ensure that there’s a deliberate learning journey and an engaging experience for employees. Together, we bring an outcome orientated approach.

We are in a hybrid world now and employees need a mix of modalities, but it’s important that it’s digital first. You can’t just have a good trainer and people in a room together any more. It’s much more about learning together, collaboration, aligning to organisational goals, learning at the point of need….And about being agile and being able to deliver at scale – organisations haven’t got the time to spend six months developing a programmatic rollout anymore. Organisations have to be able to develop talent in an agile and consistent way.

And metrics are also critical. Organisations need to be able to map outcomes and metrics. What’s the direction of work? How will you reach people? What metrics will you track on the way - reduced turnover, better net promoter scores, improved engagement, etc? And how will you communicate around the programme? Communication is vitally important.

There’s been a really strong vein of innovation at Hemsley Fraser around digital learning services and 5App is key to that. Together, we are very future focused. And together, we have the ability to innovate and make the most of the latest advancements in technology and learning."

5App will be exhibiting at the 2022 Learning Technologies event at Excel in London on 4-5th May and will be joined on stand B55 by partner Hemsley Fraser. Together they will be showcasing the products and services they offer under the title "Learning journeys that drive change". This represents the focus both companies have on supporting the transformation of learning and development to support hybrid working and deliver business outcomes.

Registration for the exhibition at Learning Technologies is free so why not come a long and talk to the team in person if you can.


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