The Power of Human Assisted Curation

The importance of curation The word curation has been said to have its roots in the Roman age – curatores were civil servants in charge of bringing aqueducts, bathhouses and sewers to the Empire. In the time between, its English etymology has evolved, but the idea of selecting and organising stuff, for the benefit of others, has relevance throughout our personal lives –whether that is someone selecting artefacts for an exhibition in a museum or a DJ finalising their set list.

Anders Pink Complete Curation Product

Making it easier to curate learning resources for your organisation.

All of Us and 5app Partnership


Challenges facing L&D in 2022

New research from 5app and global learning and development experts, Hemsley Fraser, reveals what will be key concerns for L&D in 2022.

How can technology help drive diversity and inclusion?

Technology is a key enabler of diversity and inclusion. Not everyone realises it, but it is. We’ve known it at 5app for a long time. Partly because we understand technology’s potential to bring people together, to enable them to collaborate and communicate and feel engaged with their work and their workplace.

How to get your content curation strategy right

The first thing to do when planning your content curation strategy is to consider what content curation is, how it applies to your organisation and your learners and what you want it to achieve.

Why your business needs a curated learning platform and how to create one

Content curation really took off in the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic as learning teams went all out to gather and share the resources and tools that employees needed. And on the whole, it worked.

Reskilling and Upskilling in a Hybrid World

Over the past few months 5app has been looking at the impact of hybrid on working and learning. Reskilling and upskilling remain high on the list for learning professionals. But what happens when reskilling and upskilling and the hybrid model collide?

How to accelerate skills development and learning

The skills challenge is something facing all employers. According to research carried out by McKinsey 94% of the workforce “lack the full suite of skills they will require in 2030 to perform their jobs well.”

How do you choose the right channels for hybrid learning?

For many organisations there has been a big shift in the number of people working remotely. This mix of people in different locations - offices or remotely - and at different times is reflected in the term hybrid working.  One question many organisations are wrestling with is how best to support learning and development needs in this context - in other words, how do we support a hybrid learning experience?

5app announces partnership with D&I content specialist, All of Us

We're excited to announce our partnership with diversity and inclusion experts, All of Us and the launch of the D&I Engagement Hub.

What is hybrid working and what does it mean for my organisation?

It seems as if everyone is talking about hybrid working right now. As organisations and businesses are re-awakening after lockdowns and stretching their way into the world where the pandemic still has a presence, senior leaders and managers are working out how to balance the demands of productivity, employee engagement and customer satisfaction.